A perfect duo!

Lawrence O’Hearn

With his wealth of experience teaching English and in French-to-English translation, Lawrence understands the English language inside and out and also boasts a wide-ranging knowledge of various languages and first-rate teaching skills. He uses his impressive musical credentials to make his translations flow and grasps the subtleties of the French of both Québec and France, where he lived for some considerable time. What’s more, he can “Handel” any workload like a virtuoso and give your projects the presto treatment to ensure they’re delivered on time, every time.

Judith Laforest

Judith has made her love of language her professional calling
while also excelling in the art of guitar making for over 10 years. She transfers the precision of her trade—where instrument parts are fashioned to the tenth of a millimetre—to your texts. No production defects escape her sharp eyes. Artistic and meticulous by nature, her creativity shines through in her faithful, expressive approach. Whether solo or working in close cooperation with you, she is always at concert pitch when it comes to finding the right word or the best turn of phrase. You’ll appreciate her sharp intellect and versatility, and you’ll be dazzled by her mastery of both French and English.

Together, Lawrence and Judith pool their strengths to deliver flawless, natural and idiomatic texts. You can call them the perfect duo!

What our clients are saying

Quick, fast, superb. Highly recommended.
Benoît Godin—Professor, Institut national de la recherche scientifique (INRS)
We have used Judith’s language services for each edition of the Québec International Guitar Show. Whether for correspondence or the biographies of guitar makers or musicians, Judith provided top-quality translations with the utmost professionalism. Kudos Judith!
Michel Pellerin—Committee Member, Québec International Guitar Show
Lawrence is an excellent translator with solid experience. He provides a quality professional service, revels in confronting linguistic challenges, and always delivers on time. Lawrence’s natural curiosity drives him to strive for the truest translation possible; his attention to detail and exactitude are the cornerstone of his professionalism. He will convene the meaning of your texts, transposing them into idiomatic English while conserving the nuances expressed in French. It takes a talented translator like Lawrence to make this happen.
Johanne Bastarache—Team Leader–Strategic Advisor responsible for advertising, Retraite Québec
I worked with Judith for the English translation of a very complex text. Her meticulousness was astounding. First, she ensured that she fully understood the content. Then, she faithfully rendered every word and idea to provide a perfect translation. Judith is a trustworthy professional you can count on to deliver high quality work within your deadlines.
Claudie Tremblay—Communications Advisor, Retraite Québec